Arrow installs the first high speed EFI-Reggiani Renoir Next 340 @ Caterpillar Signs for Soft Signage and textile transfer printing.

Arrow installs the first high speed EFI-Reggiani Renoir Next 340 @ Caterpillar Signs for Soft Signage and textile transfer printing.

Arrow Digital has recently installed the first Efi-Reggiani Renoir Next 340, Soft signage digital textile printer at Caterpillar Signs. Caterpillar, a valued Arrow customer having VUTEk GS3250LX Pro LED and Vutek 3360 EC, has been in the soft signage business with UV and other dye sub printers, after looking at the Efi-Reggiani was convinced to add this to their portfolio, this would increase their versatility for interior and exterior stage and event projects as well as open many other markets for transfer and direct printing on polyesters.

Mr. Nishant Shah, Caterpillar Signs Pvt. Ltd. adds, “With the recent purchase of the Efi-Reggiani Renoir Next 340 printer, we will extend our products to exhibition backdrops, light boxes, Flags, Building wraps, Tear Drops, tents, durable outdoor advertising materials and much more. Adding more green technologies in our Portfolio, we will have a huge competitive advantage, powerful and sustainable platforms to address the rapidly growing demand for soft signage and other textile markets. We will now be able to work with lightweight, polyester-based materials that offer environmental and logistical benefits, including easy and economical delivery and installation. This platform will further allow us to venture into soft furnishings and other textile short run markets. Arrow has been a great partner, helping us grow in the right direction, understanding technology and market trends, with their excellent service and support team, we just focus on our customers and their ever growing needs and staying ahead of the curve.”

Arrow Digital Adds, The Efi-Reggiani Renoir Next 340 is ideal to start developing a soft signage business. It allows you to print displays, high-density backlit signs and more with high resolution, very high color gamut 4-colour printing. The Next 340 is capable of printing direct to textile or transfer paper with the ability to changeover from one to the other. It comes with an auto print head cleaning station to increase printer uptime, a capping station to keep your system up and running, a patented ink recirculation system for improved ink yield and a wrinkle detect system to protect against costly repairs due to head strikes. It offers excellent print durability, plus its 2400 DPI resolution, produces photo-quality, vivid images with highly saturated colours and powerful blacks. The printer uses environmentally friendly, aqueous, dispersed dye-sublimation inks. It can achieve a speed up to 464 m2 / hr featuring four-level grayscale printing with 4 to 72 PL drop sizes.

Arrow Digital adds, Soft signage is much easier to transport and assemble, the light weight makes handling effortless as compared to traditional materials. Size to weight ratios is remarkable when compared to other materials. Large areas can be covered without unsightly joints plus you don’t need to spend time, hiding the joints. Once the frame work is in place it’s quick and easy to change the display material. This allows customers to change their displays frequently and increase product visibility. Soft signage is Eco Friendly and reusable.

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