Auraa Adhesive Tapes (P) Ltd. : Pioneers and market leaders eye expansion

Auraa Adhesive Tapes (P) Ltd. : Pioneers and market leaders eye expansion

Nilesh Gurnani, CEO, Auraa Adhesive Tapes (P) Ltd. shares the growth story.

Auraa Adhesive Tapes (P) Ltd. is a wholesaler of vinyls, application tapes, reflective tapes and other self adhesive tapes and films in Nashik, Maharashtra. Established in 2009, we represent exclusively for India brands like RTAPE, Mactac for automotive and screen products vinyls, application tapes, pallet mask. We are the largest distributors for 3M India for the Reflective Conspicuity Division.

Our foray into adhesive coating started in 2010 in solvent and water for speciality tapes and films alongside with Mahesh Chheda for the coating business.

Auraa launched first indigenous Graphic Application Tape APT-900 Series in 2016 to OEM and after market. The only fifth player across the world !

Screen Printing Vinyls was launched in 2015, and Industrial Use High Tack Labeling Vinyls in 2016 with great success. We pioneered the use of Pallet Masking Tape in the garment industry with RTAPE Pallet Protek. We are the market leader in Pallet Mask across India.

In terms of expertise, I have a B. E. Polymers from (MIT) and am the technical brain on the product construction, formulations, market positioning. I have 14 years experience in the field of adhesive and polymer technology and automotive industry. Mahesh Chheda is the global sourcing expert for raw materials.

We have learnt from failures in our trading and coating business and that is has been our encyclopedia. Our customers never abandoned us when we had failures and today all of them are enjoying right priced material competing with imported materials at quality front.

Pallet Mask was our introduction way back early in 2010. Along side champion Deepak Sharma, we had spread the awareness of this product in the very beginning. The printers who initially thought this was a price addition to the process now realize that this saves cleaning costs and change over time. Also we appreciate the machine manufacturers for educating the customer for use of this highly productive item. Today everyone, including competition is enjoying the fruits of our Education Program in the very early days.

Auraa looks forward to bringing innovative products to the Screen and Garment industry in they coming future.

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