Print Dynamic nominated for ‘Excellence in Technology Innovation’

Print Dynamic nominated for ‘Excellence in Technology Innovation’

10 May 2018, Mumbai : Commenting on the occasion, Akil Contractor of Print Dynamic, said: “The award ceremony has been held after a gap of 10 years. I am delighted to be nominated for the AIPIMA award in this exciting category amongst the other giants in our industry whom we look upon with awe and respect for their astounding achievements which have put India on the world map. We are grateful to the judges and the Association for this honor, which has clubbed us amongst the great.”

“We presented information on the wide range of inks that we manufacture – totally ‘Made in India’, mainly with indigenous raw materials and self developed formulations over the past several years. I am sure other smaller organisations will look forward to a special category next time wherein the work of an individual or a small company is not evaluated along with those of the giants where the final output is the result of the joint effort of a team of technical experts.”

“We offer in India are new and advanced developments in the field of color change technology by a range of stimulants which include: light, electromagnetic wavelengths, UV, Infrared, water, moisture, wetting, PH, gases, temperature, pressure, chemicals, solvents, and many more. We are constantly researching on this subject to keep innovating but we also have a huge range of printing inks for the garment decoration industry by direct and heat transfer. And now have also innovated by manufacturing in India heat transfer paper and film which are hitherto totally imported,” says Akil Contractor, a ‘LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS’ holder and the brain behind the massive range of printing inks and coatings in the special application and special effects segment. These cover the segment of security printing, novelty education and promotion through the use of smart inks and stimulus based printing inks which do more than just decorate or illustrate.

Akil Contractor is the brain behind PRIFER, a brand for a speciality coated paper that can be printed by offset or screen printing process to transfer prints on a variety of garments, fabrics and plastics using heat & pressure. “I and Neil Soni have jointly developed Prifer, to provide perfection and cater to the garment decoration industry by the technology of heat transfer as opposed to direct printing. The combination of my knowledge about the inks and coating industry and Neil’s experience in print industry led to a product development of PREFER for the garment/textile industry,” says Akil Contractor. “.

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