Zebra Study Reveals One-Half of Global Manufacturers to Adopt Wearable Tech by 2022

Zebra Study Reveals One-Half of Global Manufacturers to Adopt Wearable Tech by 2022

Zebra Technologies revealed the results of the Zebra’s 2017 Manufacturing Vision Study, a body of research analyzing the emerging trends shaping the future of industrial manufacturing. The global study revealed manufacturers are adopting the Industrial IoT (IioT) to enhance visibility and improve quality.

Driven by globalization, intensifying competition and rising customer demand for more options and higher quality products, a connected plant floor has become a necessity. Zebra’s survey shows the number of organizations achieving a fully connected factory is expected to rise dramatically over the next five years.

Manufacturers will continue to adopt Industry 4.0 and the smart factory. Workers will use a combination of RFID, wearables, automated systems and other emerging technologies to monitor the physical processes of the plant and enable companies to make decentralized decisions. By 2022, 64% of manufacturers expect to be fully connected compared to just 43% today.

One-half of manufacturers plan to adopt wearable technologies by 2022, and 55% of current wearable users expect to expand their level of usage in the next five years.

Manual processes are expected to dramatically decline. Today, 62% use pen and paper to track vital manufacturing steps; this is expected to drop to one in five by 2022.

Manufacturers stated investments in visibility will support growth across their operation. Sixty-three percent cited tracking as a core focus with a blend of technology (i.e. barcode scanning, RFID and real-time location systems [RTLS]) expected to be deployed to achieve the desired visibility.

Source : www.printedelectronicsnow.com

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