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3M puts ‘Visual Spellcheck’ at Designers’ Fingertips – Launched at Adobe MAX 2020 Creativity Conference

21 October 2020: 3M launched the 3M Visual Attention Software (VAS) plugin for Adobe Photoshop at the Adobe MAX 2020 Creativity Conference. With this software, graphic designers, art directors and creatives of all types have access to the powerful tool described as “visual spellcheck for design” embedded within the popular design software they use every day.

Using the VAS plugin, designers can integrate testing and insights directly into their everyday work stream, putting the unmatched power of science-based AI just a click away. The software simulates first-glance vision to quickly and accurately predict what will attract a person’s attention in the first three to five seconds. VAS can analyze almost any visual content – web page layouts, digital banners, print ads, packaging and more and arm designers with data to help make informed creative decisions without needing to wait for results of costly market research.

The Heatmap report gives visual overview of which areas of a design are most likely to be seen, while the Gaze Sequence report shows which four areas a person will view first and in what order. The other reports provide advanced analysis with probability scores on the likelihood of areas attracting attention and visual elements influencing those scores – data a designer can use to design smarter and refine faster.

3M was an early participant in a developer pre-release program for building plugins directly in Photoshop using Adobe’s new unified extensibility platform, its modern framework for building cross-app, native look and feel plugins. Plugins for other Adobe Creative Cloud applications will soon follow.

3M Visual Attention Software (VAS) stems from 30+ years of 3M research informing its understanding of the human response to visual stimuli. This legacy has been combined with tech expertise in machine learning and analytics to bring new data-driven solutions to the creative workplace.

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