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A.M.S.G. Ashokan, two times Ex-President, AIFMP wins from Sivakasi

03 May 2021: A.M.S.G. Ashokan has won from Sivakasi Assembly constituency as INC (Indian National Congress) Candidate. A.M.S.G. Ashokan is a leading industrialist, a former vice-chairman of Sivakasi Municipality (2006-2011) and Two times Ex-President of AIFMP. A.M.S.G. Ashokan (Jeyagraham Art Crafts, Sivakasi) has held top positions in the associations of fireworks manufacturers, match manufacturers and master printers. He is also the president elect of Chemical and Allied Products Export Promotion Council (CAPEXIL).

Ashokan has said that his efforts would be promotion of digital initiative in Sivakasi and to make the town a cleaner. He was pitted against AIADMK’s Lakshmi Ganesan.

Sivakasi is an assembly constituency in Tamilnadu. Sivakasi comes under Virudhunagar district of Tamilnadu. Sivakasi is well known for its firecracker, matchbox and printing industries. It has over 520 registered printing companies and 53 match factories as major Industries. The town is the nodal center for firecracker manufacturing at the national level. Approximately 70% of the firecrackers and matches produced in India are from Sivakasi. The town is a major producer of diaries, contributing to 30% of the total diaries produced in India. Printing industry in the town was initially utilized for printing labels for the firecrackers and later evolved with modern machinery to grow as a printing hub.

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