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Akil Contractor Releases his Third Book on English Poetry ‘RHYMING VERSES’ it Comprises Humour-Themed Poems

12 July 2023: Akil Contractor, MD, Founder & Chief Innovator of Mumbai-based Print Dynamic has been receiving accolades for not just ink innovations but also his other creative endeavour, namely writing poetry. A well-known member of the screen printing industry, he has released his third book on English poetry titled ‘RHYMING VERSES – Sense & Non-Sense,’ with humour as the theme. Published by Blue Rose, it is available on Amazon in the Print to Order category.

The book with 50 poems was penned down over two months – April and May ’23. Sharing the experience, Akil Contractor, said, “I was writing these poetries in my office, at home and during work as I was getting the ideas and the wording of the same. I am planning to officially launch the book shortly. My next plan is to publish a book on Urdu Shayari / Nagmas.”

Prior to this, Akil Contractor has published two books of poems in English in 1986 namely ‘Spirit Song’ (Verses) and ‘After Kalinga and Other Poems’. He is one of the founder members of ‘The Poetry Circle, Mumbai’. Recently he has ventured into Urdu Shaayari and an Urdu Collection is also in the pipeline.

The preface written by Mansi Chauhan, describes “RHYMING VERSES – Sense and Nonsense” as a captivating collection of poems that delves into a wide array of themes, including time, nature, human behaviour, proverbs, and more.

In her words, these poems possess a remarkable simplicity and accessibility, enabling readers to effortlessly grasp their essence. Through the adept use of vivid imagery and metaphors, Akil effectively conveys their thoughts and ideas, inviting readers on a thought-provoking journey.

Throughout the collection, Akil demonstrates his versatility and creativity by exploring a wide range of topics and employing various poetic styles. The poems are concise yet impactful, encapsulating the essence of each theme while allowing room for personal interpretation. Akil’s skillful use of language and metaphor evokes a plethora of emotions, painting a vivid and captivating literary landscape for readers to immerse themselves in.

As a reader of this compilation of beautiful poems, I must say that each piece is thought-provoking and deeply relatable. These insightful verses offer profound observations about life and the human experience, coupled with vibrant literary imagery. Whether contemplating the ephemeral nature of time, admiring the beauty of nature, or reflecting on the complexities of human behavior, the collection provides a unique and refreshing perspective. Akil’s poetic craftsmanship creates a rich and engaging reading experience that lingers in the minds and hearts of readers long after the pages have been turned.

‘RHYMING VERSES – Sense and Nonsense’ is a delightful exploration of emotions, ideas, and the intricate tapestry of life. Akil’s collection of poems captivates readers with its simplicity, relatability, and vivid imagery. From contemplating the passage of time to celebrating the wonders of the natural world and unravelling the complexities of human existence, these poems offer a fresh lens through which to view life’s experiences. Akil’s artful and skillful use of language and metaphor creates an immersive and rewarding reading experience. Ultimately, this collection stands as a testament to the enduring power of poetry to touch our souls, provoke our thoughts, and inspire us to embrace the beauty and mysteries of the world around us.

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