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Angelo Barzaghi releases book on SERIGRAFIA (SCREENPRINT)

12 November 2020: Italy based screen printing expert, Angelo Barzaghi who heads Accademia Serigrafica, has recently released his book in Italian language, on screen printing, titled SERIGRAFIA. “The book is new and we are considering to translate it into Spanish and English shortly. I don’t plan to publish it in a digital version. I want to publish a paperback book,” says Angelo, adding, “16 years after my first book “Manuale Pratico di Serigrafia,” my new book has arrived! The new book is entirely dedicated to the technique of screen printing and I tried to incorporate all my knowledge and experience, spread over 33 years.”

This book explains about screen print technology, from the beginning to now, showing some useful steps on Photoshop graphic, the concept of separations and screens making, how to print on the garment and other supports. “In this book, I tried to transfer all my passion and experience build on the field, every day and night working hard, trying to learn from the best around the world.

But, above all, this book is a way to talk about the most beautiful job in the world, a job that can unite people in a unique language, a unique goal and most of all again to transfer to the new generation this true passion for everything is about screen printing world, graphic and art,” says Angelo.

“Screen printing business is moving its steps in two different ways, especially in my Country, Italy. The first is the classical way, the one in which people want to become good printers following the rules dictated by the technique and build their own carrier on experience, hard work, sharing knowledge and knowledge. The second is about people that want to enter this business the easiest way possible, thinking that everything is easy and fast to do. If you are a screen printer you know that even after 33 years in this business you need to learn more and more. I don’t agree with people that think everything can be done without walking the right way,” he concludes.

About Angelo Barzaghi: 

Angelo Barzaghi, born in 1958, has been a professional screen printer since 1987. Over the years he has deepened, with an innovative experimental approach, the entire production cycle of screen printing, from the creation of subjects, films and frames to research on materials and products, obtaining maximum level in printing and personalization. His creations at the service of major brands of clothing, giftware and many other sectors, not least art printing, ranging from fabrics to plastics, from wood to glass up to various raw or treated supports, with in-depth analysis specific on pad printing and digital printing combined with screen printing. He is the author of the Serigraphy Manual (2004) and of numerous technical articles published in sector magazines, a consultant for leading manufacturers and distributors, trainer in events dedicated to screening printing technologies and products. In 2008, he founded the Serigraphic Academy, which organizes courses for screen printing companies, printers, graphic designers and anyone who wants to enter the world of screen printing to build a profession or open their own business.

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