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Antimicrobial Varnishes from Printcolor – Effective Protection Against Germs

19 May 2021: Printcolor’s antimicrobial screen printing varnishes offer effective protection against microbes. The contained silver components reliably and permanently kill germs and sustainably increase the hygiene of your products.

In the current times, protection against germs and far-reaching hygiene measures are more important than ever. Germs such as bacteria or viruses can be spread from person to person, through the air or objects. In addition to preventing the transmission of germs through the air, it is particularly important to reduce the contamination of surfaces. Without appropriate measures, germs can sometimes survive for weeks or months on certain surfaces. Of course, the risk of infection is particularly high when surfaces are touched by many people. So our hands inevitably come into contact with potentially dangerous microorganisms again and again.

Regular disinfection by human hands is often hardly manageable. However, we can still protect ourselves effectively against germs: the antimicrobial screen printing varnishes from Printcolor reliably and permanently kill germs and increase the hygiene of your products. The coatings have an antimicrobial mechanism which, in the presence of moisture or humidity, inhibits the enzyme activity and reproduction of microbes and ultimately kills them.

The range includes 2C, solvent-based and UV screen printing varnishes. The varnishes are applied as a topcoat or protective varnish and provide an antimicrobial effect while preserving the print image. They are ideally suited for printing on plastics or metals and for applications such as labels and stickers, promotional items, technical components but also hollow bodies such as tubes.

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