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APTech Announces ICC DevCon 2020: The Future of Color Management

30 September 2020: The Association for PRINT Technologies, (APTech) announces ICC DevCon 2020, the International Color Consortium Developers Conference will be held on-line as a series of six webinars during November 2020 and January 2021. DevCon2020 will include talks from international researchers, presentations from ICC members on implementing advanced colour management solutions, and an extended hands-on workshop on using iccMAX.

With the publication in 2019 of ISO 20677, ICC’s next generation colour management architecture, the stage is set for a major rethink of colour management. In response to new hardware technology and new user requirements, researchers and developers have been working on colour management solutions that aim to quantify and reproduce visual appearance beyond the diffuse, 2D colorimetry supported in ICC v4. New developments are arising in the measurement and modelling of appearance, in lighting and display technology, the production of complex gonio-chromatic surface effects, combined with a move towards colour matching for individual observers instead of a ‘one colour fits all’ approach.

ICC DevCon 2020 will focus on these new and emerging developments and how they can be implemented in a colour managed workflow. ICC invites presentations on recent work on topics including HDR imaging, BRDF (and other directional models of appearance), colorimetric observers and illuminants, measurement and modelling of appearance, the reproduction of complex surface properties such as gonio-chromatism, fluorescence and texture. It will also focus on key application areas of the future, such as multi-colour 2D and 3D printing, cultural heritage and web and broadcast imaging.

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