Harveer Sahni felicitated by LMAI with ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’

Harveer Sahni felicitated by LMAI with ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’

Harveer Sahni was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at a function held recently.

Harveer Sahni, the founder of Weldon Celloplast, was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at a function held recently Read on for excerpts from his speech:

I thank the LMAI leadership for this. It means so much to me and makes me go on. I am passionate about the label industry and love to spend hours researching, reading and writing about labels.

When I started writing my blog I was skeptical as to who would read it, my son Pawan assured me that sharing my knowledge with the industry will be appreciated and people will find me on their own. When the blog crossed 5000 page views I was thrilled and it is now on the verge of crossing 200,000 page views. I am humbled by the continued patronage by my industry peers. It has edged me on. Those who wish to be on my mailing list may drop their cards on our table outside.

It is our culture to seek blessings of our elders and learn from their experience. I have over the years tried to put forward the idea that we need to felicitate our elders in the industry. I never knew that I would become the very first recipient of this honour from LMAI. There are so many more of those veterans, still active in this industry and who have contributed to the initiation and growth of label industry in India. It is somewhat chronicled in my article, “History of label in India” I need to write the second part soon.

When pursuing passions one has to spend a lot of time researching, meeting people and travelling. Spending endless hours on internet, reading magazines, visiting printers, staying in touch with what is happening in the industry at a global level. Sundays and holidays are lost somewhere in this passion to write something that will be meaningful to the society and the industry I am in.

Networking globally has been another aspect in life that promoted my passion. There are sacrifices that one makes. If I look back I feel I have not been fair to my family. I cannot remember when I and all of my family have taken a holiday together. My wife has been an ardent supporter and if it were not for her patience it was not possible to have written so much. There are times she would come and tell, “You have been sitting on one chair for over 8 hours, take rest now” instead of appreciating her concern I would want to be left alone. I thank her for bearing with me. If she had not been supportive, I would not have achieved anything.

My sons are my two arms and have supported me always. In fact if it was not for encouragement and insistence by Pawandeep, this blog would not have happened. He set up the blog and said “now write here papa”! KD, my younger son has always been the baby of the family but he is there to stand by wherever and whenever needed. Now he is a responsible business man, he too has joined the label business to be with his brother, after his stints as a trained chef, a restaurant owner and a stationery producer. My elder daughter in law Kavneet initially was in the family label business, then after a stint with Tarsus she launched a food show” The gourmet high street” one of ten best food shows. She is a successful business woman who besides the food show has an event management company, manages celebrity chef endorsement and much more. She has been the one always encouraging me to write more and has been a part of all our exhibiting activities. My younger daughter in law Maneet has been married just two years and it was amusing for her to see the father in law sitting on computer all day long. Today she does the final reading of my articles tells me if I have missed something. Thank you Pipi, Pawan, Kavneet, KD and Maneet for making us to be a complete label family.

This honour is neither the end of my label journey nor the pinnacle reached as yet. It in fact nudges me to deliver and contribute more to the label industry and its constituents. My present blog is entirely written by me but soon to increase my service to the label industry I will launch another blog titled “Flexo Gurukul” meaning university of flexo, this will have content from leading global industry experts and supplier companies. It will deliver deep knowledge on all aspects of flexographic printing and label converting technologies. I am in the process of identifying and selecting knowledge delivery partners. 


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