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ATMA offers Electric Flat Screen Printer with Belt Take-Off

28 August 2020: Taiwan-based ATMA Champ Ent. Corp, offers a Two-post type Screen Printer with conveyor belt take-off. It is an electric type Screen Printer. It has electric vertical up down design, collocated with safety buffer cylinder (patented) comprehensive protection, auto belt take-off to raise production efficiency. It is suitable for printing on rigid material plate / board / panel such as metal nameplate, acrylic, glass, PCB etc industrial products.

It has aluminum alloyed extruded formation structure, high strength and light weight to raise durability and accuracy to support heavy duty Motor driven screen vertical up down rapidly, equipped with safety buffer cylinder (patented). When the screen descends at printing level, if E-stop switch is triggered, all stroke of machine operating is stopped automatically, safety auxiliary cylinder is automatically inflated against the weight of the print head carriage and frame holder assembly, slight manually push up the screen ascent, comprehensive protecting the operator safety.

During screen movement, when the screen is descending and is not reached at the printing level, if E-stop is triggered, screen is moved up slowly to origin position. Printing stroke is driven by servo motor, enhance speed range and stable linear speed motion. After printing, conveyor belts delivers the substrate into Dryer. It is equipped with photo sensor control to inspect complete panel or auto unloading.

It is fitted with HMI displays to select or setting versatile printing cycle modes rapidly. Depending on substrates different need, fast and convenient to attain printing efficiency and fulfill various printing need. Safety protective loop, if malfunction or erroneous setting or operating, machine is stopped immediately and HMI displays error message, attached with restoration icon.

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