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Avery Dennison releases film on “A Portrait of a Supply Chain”

04 January 2021: The connection between humans and land is intertwined with the way supply chains have developed over the course of centuries. So, Avery Dennison’s latest film “A Portrait of a Supply Chain,” narrates that Technology can be a force for good and enable a better tomorrow. According to Avery Dennison, by assigning a digital ID to every product one can unlock vast possibilities, making supply chains more transparent and more sustainable.

Avery Dennison partnered with The Smalls, an agency of localized filmmakers from all around the world, to capture what transparency means to the people working at the heart of supply chains. From deep connections to the land, to safer and more sustainable practices – Avery Dennison team got an insight into their work and commitment to the community and the environment.

“In technology terms the word ‘disrupt’ is often used in a positive sense and that can also be applied here. There is now the opportunity to rethink how goods are sourced, manufactured, transported, and interacted with. Applying data-driven analysis to each part will not only make organizations more efficient but improve the well-being of the planet and those that live in it,” said Francisco Melo, Vice President and General Manager, Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels.

Knowing a garment’s origin and ethical production for example is quickly becoming imperative in the fashion industry. Emma Bonar, owner of 69b, a sustainable clothing boutique in London, is at the final step of the supply chain – the end customer. “We work with a brand that puts QR codes on their garments’ labels so that a customer can understand the entire journey. You almost know the person who was involved in making your jacket or a pair of jeans – that’s a lovely feeling,” said Emma Bonar.

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