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Azonprinter Introduces Azon Pronto UV DTF Printer

24 March 2022: Azonprinter has introduced UV Pronto DTF printer that prints directly on special film and cures the ink with a UV lamp. The film is self-adhesive, and it uses two types of film in the process. First it is printed on one film, and afterwards it is finished with the use of laminating machine applying the other film onto the print out. The films can be then separated manually, and the print out is applied to any surface of any shape, and it is water resistant. It can be widely used for label display of wines, cosmetics, boxes and other products.

According to the company, the film printed with UV DTF has excellent physical and chemical properties such as alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, sun resistance, and oxidation resistance, which is better than traditional stickers such as waterproof paper, art paper and aluminized paper.

Azon Printer’s DTF range of products include: Pronto, Pronto Neon, Pronto Plus, Pronto Plus Neon, Pronto Plus Neon X. Few months ago, Azonprinter introduced two new solutions in their DTF family – Azon Pronto Neon and Azon Pr. As reported earlier, Azonprinter has received the OEKO-TEX certificate for its full range of DTF (Direct to Film Products).

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