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Boston Industrial Solutions Introduces SilTex™ HD Silicone Textile Printing Ink

14 April 2023: Boston Industrial Solutions has Introduced Natron™ SilTex™ HD Series silicone ink is a two-component multipurpose screen-printing silicone ink for textile, fabric and leather. This ink is formulated for direct printing, transfer printing and 3D printing. This silicone screen printing ink is an excellent alternative to plastisol ink, which is the most common ink in the screen-printing industry to print t-shirts.

Unlike the components used to make plastisol ink, silicones are an environmentally friendly and high-performance option for textile printing inks. Plastisol has harmful chemicals such as polyvinyl chloride, which, according to, is a cancer-causing chemical.

Natron SilTex HD series silicone ink is formulated with the purest silicone polymers. This ensures bright, high-opacity, high-temperature-resistant, durable prints that never crack or fade. Additionally, these screen-printing inks deliver ultimate stretch and luxurious-expensive feel on cotton, polyester and many other apparel fabrics and textiles – there is nothing like it !

Some Key Features ..

  • Durable Prints / Excellent Adhesion
  • Low Drying Temp. (212°F – 250°F)
  • Extreme Flexibility (500x)
  • High Density Silicone Ink
  • Excellent Printability
  • Anti-Dye Migration
  • 3D, Transfer, Puff Prints Capable
  • Washing & Abrasion Resistance
  • PVC Free

Boston Industrial Solutions offer a wide selection of silicone additives. Additionally, they have a complete range of screen-printing silicone ink shades. The SilTex inks come as ready-to-use inks. There are no toners. Just ink ! Please note that for those who want to make their own colors, silicone pigment concentrates are available.

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