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Boston Industrial Solutions’ New Natron™ G1 Primer for UV Inkjet printing on Glass

02 February 2021: Ink manufacturing company, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. introduces a single component glass primer ideal for many applications including UV inkjet printing. The Natron™ G1 Primer is scientifically formulated to transform the micro-structure of glass surfaces to facilitate permanent bonding. This primer prepares Glass, Tiles, Carbon fiber and Rigid plastics for printing with any type of UV inkjet inks. The G1 glass primer is also highly effective for solvent inks, paints, and adhesives.

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. introduces Natron™ G1 Glass Primer, a scientifically formulated primer made with nano-scale materials that transforms the micro-surface structure of glass to strengthen and facilitate a permanent bond between glass and UV inkjet printing ink. This single component glass primer is ideal to use with UV inkjet inks, pad printing inks, screen-printing inks, as well as adhesives.

Features of Natron™ G1 primer:
# Single component, making it easy to use straight from the bottle
# Visually undetectable molecular coating on the glass surface once applied.
# Improves substrate surface finish, and print quality
# Extremely fast drying time, less than 10 seconds.
# Works on many substrates (Glass, tiles, carbon fiber and rigid plastics).
# Available sizes: 0.5 L (16.9 fl oz) / 1 L (33.8 fl oz) containers.

This announcement is groundbreaking because decorators and printers alike can print on glass substrates without having to invest heavily on different types of primers to achieve outstanding printing results. Natron™ G1 Primer will help to reduce cost and increase productivity. Printers and decorators worldwide can now take advantage of the benefits offered by this glass primer for UV inkjet printing.

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