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Brodelec Meets Growing Demand For Direct-To-Fabric Printing with Kornit Digital

23 April 2021: Two years ago, Brodelec, already owner of six Kornit Avalanche Hexa R systems for on-demand DTG production, chose to broaden its scope of activity by investing in the Kornit Presto S, the only one-step solution and therefore the fastest path from design to finished product, making this model the most efficient and ecological fabric printing solution in France today.

Today, Brodelec does not regret this decision. Dominique Willems, CEO at Brodelec, comments “We had already seen a strong trend for personalized items, whether in the furniture or fashion sector, but since the beginning of the pandemic we have seen a strong growth in requests for small-scale personalization.”

He continues “The Kornit Presto S has allowed us to bring our latest project to life: the creation of a website entirely dedicated to ordering custom masks. Thanks to an online editor and our 200 models, our customers can order their masks in quantities ranging from 1 to several thousand pieces if necessary. As the Kornit Presto is free of certain technical and chemical constraints and has adapted perfectly to Brodelec’s workflow system; we are currently printing more than 10,000 masks per week and can respond to requests within extremely short deadlines while guaranteeing quality and sharpness of detail. The masks meet the recommendations of the AFNOR and are designed with a fabric that filters out particles in the air by over 90%! Therefore, the designed and printed fabric masks are designated as category 1 and meet the UNS1 standards. They are distributed after testing for 60 washes.”

He concludes, “Working with Kornit Digital for the past 15 years has allowed us to successfully test rolll-to-roll (R2R) textile printing, which has allowed us to approach new customers and explore new markets. “

Using NeoPigment Robusto ink, the Kornit Presto is based on a responsible and truly sustainable dry printing process. Its dedicated Robusto ink set is Oeko-Passport and GOTS certified, and does not alter the breathability of the masks produced by Brodelec, a vital criterion for meeting current health standards. This new set of inks has a short drying and adhesion time, allowing to produce high-quality finished products in a few minutes.

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