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Brother GTXpro Bulk,  a new DTG for mass production with flexibility

08 September 2020: Brother Internationale Industriemaschinen GmbH (Brother), Germany, has introduced a new direct to garment (DTG) digital printing machine for mass production with flexibility. The Brother GTX is an innovative bulk ink system, together with a new, improved print head and a whole range of features. It is a space-saving and reasonably priced industrial DTG. It comes with a plate of 14“ x 16“ (35.54cm x40.65cm) and can print Max. 16“ x 21“ (40.64 cm x 53.54 cm).

According to the company, the DTG comes with a revolutionary new bulk Ink system with ample cost-saving for high production quantities. The ink is available in 1.8 litres and 18-litre containers. The DTG is fitted with a white ink print head technology for inside the print head ink circulation. This results in less white ink waste.

The company also says that the new DTG requires less maintenance and there is no need for morning preparation. There is less waiting time as the new cap design leads to less purging time, and the larger colour sub-tanks are refilled during the printing process. The DTG is fitted with a print reservation function for higher productivity.

Moreover, Brother offers the next generation of DTG Chemistry – Innobella Textile Inks for its GTXpro Printers. The next advancement in DTG technology comes with its ink.

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