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By 2041 Transparent Electronics market to cross $23 billion: IDTechEx

01 February 2021: The new IDTechEx report, “Transparent Electronics Materials, Applications, Markets 2021-2041”, reveals that the Transparent Electronics market will increase five-fold from 2021-2031 and by 2041 it will be over $23 billion. Onyx in Spain is the leader in regular photovoltaic windows for city buildings. Hyundai promises some of its electric cars will have a transparent solar roof.

IDTechEx sees the biggest opportunity may be upgrading regular silicon grid solar with a transparent perovskite photovoltaic layer in due course. This promises at least 10% extra electricity as the options reduce for extending the areas of industrial desolation caused by current forms of solar. Transparent, stand-alone photovoltaics is inherently bifacial, opening up more opportunities. Nearly all light-emitting displays are made in East Asia. Xiaomi of China and LG and Samsung of Korea lead the rollout of transparent versions now seen as subway train windows in China.

“Transparent photovoltaics and displays are mainly driving the growth. Robotic greenhouses are increasingly important in farming, and North America is deploying US-made glass that optimally grows plants while generating the electricity needed, off-grid. China has by far the most industrial greenhouses in the world,” says Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx.

“These symmetrical vehicles never U-turn, and they will be allowed in city centers even crossing walking areas and entering shopping malls. They are the basis of Toyota’s smart city being built at the base of Mount Fuji, Baidu in China and Amazon (Zoox) in the USA are in this battle of giants for a totally new form of transportation. The vehicles are almost all glass, and many are designed to reconfigure through the day as a school bus, taxi, hire car, mobile fast-food, library, office, meeting room, and so on. All that glass will, therefore, electrically demist, transmit, make electricity, go dark at a touch, display current purpose, and sell advertising,” he concludes.

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