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Coming next, 3D Food Printing or digital cuisine !

30 June 2020: After hearing and seeing lot about 3D printing technology for the last couple of months, now 3D Food printing is being explored by experts. According to a report posted by Report Linker, Food Layered Food Manufacture (FLM) may be one of the potentials for manufacturing custom food products in the form of 3D food printing. It combines additive manufacturing and digital cuisine techniques in order, without materials, molding or human intervention, to create custom-designed 3D foods. This technique can also improve production efficiency and lower production costs for mass personalization in food production.

According the Report, food design technologies are experiencing a great transformation through the rapid growth of online shopping and information technology. There are three ways of personalizing food concepts:

– Create online virtual customized food by interactive interfaces and invite customers to share their design and personal experiences, such as donut design with varied shapes, dough, filling, frosting and topping.

– Configure online visual products for self-service and online order, such as building your own pizza by Domino’s pizza’s visual product configurator.

– Provide food co-creation sites for gift-giving with highly unique food products, such as choosing a chocolate base and adding exotic toppings to customize chocolate bars.

Ingredients discussed in the said research Report, include dairy products, chocolate and sugars, carbohydrates and proteins, fruits and vegetables, and other ingredients. The report concludes with detailed profiles of major vendors in the global 3D food printing market. The analyst examined key categories and regions of the 3D food printers and services market and forecasted market growth from 2020 to 2025.

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