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Creating a clean filtration system for a digital bulk ink manufacturer

20 December 2018 : As a global leader in the development and supply of innovative high performance solutions for applications in filtration and separation, the Porvair technical team is always keen to explore methods to optimise customer processes and fulfil their filtration requirements.

Our latest article describes how we provided our customer, an offset printing ink manufacturer, with technical support and equipment to set up a digital ink filtration system as part of their new manufacturing line and product expansion strategy.

The problem
The customer is a supplier of inks to the North African and Middle East regions. They produce solvent based inks for Rotogravure and Flexographic printing machines and these inks are used to print on PET, PE, OPP, PVC films, aluminium foil and paper for food, pharmaceuticals, detergents, confectionary and cosmetics packaging.

The customer had stringent requirements for a ‘clean filtration system’; free from the process, product and environment contamination ranging from fibres, gels, agglomerates and oversized pigments. By developing a lab scale process, the customer was able to extrapolate the process to large-scale production.

Our solution

We provided lab scale filters (Microcap™ capsule filters with 5 and 10μm Klearfil™ and 1μm Polyfil™) to simulate full scale production performance. The scaled-up process was a two stage system comprising of either a 1 or 5μm Klearfil™ or Polyfil™ pre-filter stage and final polishing Polyfil™ 1μm stage.

The pressure filter vessels recommended were 316L SS to ensure safe and thorough cleaning after every batch. All seals and critical components ensured compatibility with the solvent based inks.

How we did it

The key function was to offer the identical features in simple lab-scale filters, and to offer the stainless steel housing for the 10” filter cartridges.

The customer was driven by our knowledge and expertise; the successful implementation of the system helped to create a strong and trusting relationship between the two businesses.

Nish Thakrar, Divisional Sales Manager, comments:

“Our dedicated team of scientists demonstrated measurable improvements in the quality of the filtered ink, whilst maintaining the ink characteristics. By implementing suitable engineered vessels and operating regime, we were able to pass on the cost benefits to our customer through the overall cost of ownership of the filtration system.”

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