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“D-Evil Corona & a VUCA-Masked World” a new book by Shripad Bhat released on Amazon

27 May 2021: The Year 2020 (and 2021 as well) will be remembered forever, owing to Covid-19. And COVID-19 battle has superseded all wars of the time and any biggest natural calamities that had taken place in the history of mankind. So, a new book titled “D-Evil Corona & a VUCA-Masked World,” caused by the “COVID-19 War de-Affair and Coup d’état,” authored by Shripad Bhat, a printing industry trade journalist, has been published by Amazon. The book can be accessed at Amazon KindleUnlimited at

The author in his book describes the COVID-19 as the war of the time as the battle is still going on fiercely. He describes that amid such a crisis, apart from following all health safety protocols, the only weapons are discipline, hope and determination, and for entrepreneurs, it is innovation and creativity which keeps them going. The author points out that for the first time in the world, the human race talked much about creating “Positive Vibes” to lighten the vibration of Negative Vibe generated by the COVID19 pandemic.

“I am both pained and delighted to present my book on corona virus titled D-Evil Corona & a ‘VUCA-Masked World’, caused by the COVID-19 War de-Affair and Coup d’état.” Despite the kind of negativity, there is also the equal force of Positivity around the world. Everybody wants to live and let live others, survive to serve others… This book is a minuscule effort, compiling the sector-wise impacts (good and bad) and Global Strategies (political, economic, academic, social and creativity based). The Book highlights the widespread positive and negative impacts of COVID-19 and some side scenes as the Pandemic has crossed one year of its presence. COVID-19 brought out the best of Humanitarianism in a big way with a big impact,” says Shripad Bhat who had earlier authored and published his first book on “COVID19 & GOD” at Amazon.

“We all know that in the great mythological works such as Ramayana or Mahabharata the focus was on victory of the ‘Good’ over the ‘Bad’. The Corona is also a story of the “Good” over the “Bad”, meaning a war between Humanity, including the frontline warriors (Good) vs corona virus and its new variants (Bad). So, let’s hope that Humanity will surely win this war against COVID19. We all will recover from the crisis and put our actions on track. Yes, it will take some time,” he concludes with a hope.

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