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Despite continued COVID-19, the PRINTPACK INDIA Show Must Go On: IPAMA President

20 December 2020: Dayaker Reddy, President Indian Printing Packaging & Allied Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (IPAMA) says that the new event schedule for the postponed PrintPack India would be announced in the first quarter of 2021. PRINTPACK INDIA, organized by It may be noted that the 15th edition of this Show was to be organised at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida from February 03-08, 2021.

However, keeping in view the non-availability of Vaccine for the treatment of the pandemic disease as also the safety and the healthcare, a detailed survey was conducted, seeking the recommendations of the Exhibitors and Business Exhibitors regarding further course of action for the PrintPack India show.

Owing to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the business activities throughout the world came to a standstill and still trying to bounce back. The percentage of impact may differ from country to country. So, in an exclusive online interview, Dayaker Reddy, President of IPAMA said the manufacturing processes of IPAMA Members were affected mainly due to imposition of lockdowns, migration of workforce, absence of transportation facilities, health precautionary measures, travelling restrictions etc. “We have learnt that we should also be ready for disasters,” he said, adding, “There was also an adverse impact on the manufacturing processes in India as also on IPAMA Members, who are located in different States and involved in manufacturing of printing, packaging machinery and allied products for domestic consumption or exports to different countries.”

IPAMA Secretariat office is now functioning with full staff strength. It may also be stated that participation in foreign exhibitions during 2020 had been withdrawn or cancelled. These will be finalised during the first or second quarter of 2021, in consultation with IPAMA Members.

IPAMA is planning to organise the 15th edition of PRINTPACK INDIA during the latter part of 2021. The actual dates will be finalised in consultation with all the concerned parties. During the previous edition of the Show, 509 Indian and foreign companies had participated. IPAMA is now targeting to break the previous participation level during PRINTPACK INDIA 2021. The aggressive marketing will start after finalisation of the new dates.

Conferences, Workshops, Seminars will also be planned and organised in different States for promoting the event, commencing from the first quarter of 2021. Similar programmes will also be organised in selected countries. Apart from this, IPAMA will also organise participation in foreign exhibitions after assessing the impact of the pandemic disease in the host countries.

Reddy concludes with a ray of hope: “The number of Corona cases in India is reducing day-by-day which is the good news for IPAMA Members, most of whom are involved in manufacturing different types of printing, packaging machinery and allied products. IPAMA sincerely hope that its Members will attain full production levels within the next three or four months.”

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