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Digital packaging set to see continued growth in the year ahead: Debbie Thorp

06 February 2021: Debbie Thorp, Business Development Director, Global Inkjet Systems, predicts that Packaging continues to develop strongly for inkjet – with embellishments and flexible packaging growing and then there are all the more “hidden” industrial applications where inkjet is part of larger manufacturing processes.

Global Inkjet Systems, the leading developer and supplier of application software, drive electronics and ink system components, has joined FuturePrint as a 2021 Content Partner. In her reflection on 2020 and take an optimistic yet pragmatic look to the future.

Debbie Thorp says that the digital packaging space is certainly set to see continued growth in the year ahead, with the COVID pandemic ongoing and e-commerce still booming. There is the growth of the unboxing experience which also lends itself to digitally printed customisation or personalisation.

She says that Digital printing has a significant role to play in reducing waste and delivering more efficient manufacturing processes. “One of our new product announcements in the first half of next year will focus on exactly that.”

Debbie finds an optimistic stance on the absence of events in 2020. “With so many events going virtual it has been a challenge for providers to create genuinely valuable content. Some have certainly done this better than others – but overall an increased virtual presence has been a positive experience and we expect to continue longer term. But we also look forward to the return of “live” events, as nothing quite matches that face to face interaction,” she concludes.

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