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Divya Aggarwal is An Eponymous Label that Meets Fashion Needs with Indian Aesthetics

11 March 2023: The amalgamation of modern and traditional fashion has a new name; Divya Aggarwal, a vision of redefining the Indian couture world. Designer, founder, and a woman of substance, Divya Aggarwal believes in making fashion an identity for the women of today. Being the woman on a mission, she ensures her eponymous label meets modern fashion needs with Indian aesthetics as a reflection of what she believes is the future of Indian couture. This fusion couture label is a sartorial movement that leaves behind the same old traditional wear by infusing contemporary twists.

Nothing says Indian clothes like handcrafted patterns and colorful prints. Created with intricate detailing, supreme quality fabrics, and attention to fine detail, each garment is hand embellished and embroidered. Elegant yet free spirited, Divya Aggarwal exclusively focuses on magnificent detailing and contemporary interpretations of traditional Indian wear. Honing those luxurious designs, at the heart of the label resides versatility, uniqueness, and practicality.

The label recently launched its new colorway capsule collections as an extension of the previous ones. With the label’s most-loved designs adorned in new colors, Divya Aggarwal aims to make fashion personal and customizable for the wearers. These colorway capsule collections are an artistic blend of classic hues, modern silhouettes and trendy prints.

Offering comfort, confidence, and style, Divya Aggarwal’s recent collection is the perfect blend of luxurious embellishments, contemporary designs, and traditional silhouettes that allow modern women to be as experimental as they wish. The line added three more capsules, each inspired by unique gemstones. One of them, Amber, features feminine-inspired ensembles in ivory, yellow, and beige hues. Then the brand has an Iolite capsule featuring the hues of the night, purple and black. The third capsule, Serpentine, is a union between quirky, elegant, and modern styles. Every capsule features complimenting hues, peculiar prints and more based on the allure and magic of gemstones.

To make fashion accessible, Divya Aggarwal Label is available at Aza, Delhi, Hyderabad, & Mumbai and available at Pernia’s Pop Up Shop.

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