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Durst Textile Smart Shop – Customized web-to-print software for individual print solutions

29 June 2020: Durst has come out with a novel business strategy to offer customized web-to-print software for individual solutions to print shops. Christened as Durst Smart Shop, the web-to-print software will help print shops to implement the right sales scenario for their specific clientele and shop type. E.g. for the sale of fabric prints, customers can design themselves graphically online. Also, print shops can offer accessories such as cutting patterns. These requirements can be met with the help of a Durst Smart Shop. Be it fabric sheets, pillows, beanbags, curtains, sofa covers, etc, with pre-defined templates, batch processing and automatically generated shipping documents, all production processes are digitized and automated.

The Durst Smart App enables customers to preview the individually designed products directly in their living or business environment using the 3D preview. The integrated mockup function additionally offers the possibility to view the designed products in a realistic environment. Depending on the customer workflow, the print data is automatically transferred to production and only one portal is needed for order management. As an alternative to the free online design of the products, Durst’s customers can load and control existing print data via the upload function.

Moreover, the Durst Smart Editor is used for the distribution of customizable products. The Durst Smart Editor is an innovative online graphics editor that enables customers to design browser-based print templates. Print shops can offer their customers a variety of free image archives within the online editor or order through the upload function. Whether fabric prints, pillows, beanbags, curtains or sofa covers – size and appearance can be revised by the customer.

Customers have the option of uploading their pictures (jpg, png) or layouts into the editor. These are displayed directly in the Durst Smart Editor and can be used to design the end product. All image and external data uploaded by the user are checked in real-time using predefined parameters, like resolution and size.

Various and extensive image databases such as Adobe Stock, 123RF and Colourbox enable customers to access millions of images on almost any subject via interfaces in the editor. Clipart images can be any color and can be created and changed in the Durst Smart Editor. As for graphics in vector format, they are infinitely scalable without loss of quality. In the editor, all pixel images are checked in real-time for quality assurance during printing. The image resolution parameters can be adjusted individually for each product. Vector-based patterns can be seamlessly lined up and can fill any size area. Patterns can be randomly scaled and the created colors can be changed individually in the editor.

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