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EFI™ VUTEk® FabriVU 340i – The Ultimate Solution for all your Soft Signage Needs

14 March 2022: EFI has always been ahead of the curve in any innovation. Arrow Digital has always been a proud partner working together in distributing these Innovations. EFI has a range of Soft Signage Printers starting from 1.8 Meters to 5.2 Meters. New Addition in the EFI Family is EFI™ VUTEk® FabriVU 340i, this printer differentiates itself from all the other category as it has an inline fixation. No need for expensive energy gobbling and space occupying calendaring machines.

EFI™ VUTEk® FabriVU 340i is a dye-sublimation printer offering production level speeds, outstanding image quality, and inline fixation capability. It is a 3.4 meter wide aqueous based soft signage printer with new EFI platen and extraction technology system that enables product to be sublimated inline. With the Dramatic four color printing and a wide color gamut and deep color saturation you can produce exceptional Display Graphics. The FabriVU has a resolution up to 2400 dpi and four level grayscale printing with 4pL to 18pL drop sizes. Above all these features you do not compromise on speed, you can print up to 2,691 ft2 per hour. The FabriVU is enabled with Auto Printhead cleaning station which increases printer uptime. Inks are Eco-friendly, moreover it has ink recirculation and above all the yield is way ahead than any other Soft Signage Printer in the Market.

With the Inline Fixation you don’t need to wait for the Printer to Print and then pass it through a Calendaring Machine to dry. It’s quick and ready to ship. You have 2 Options to Print on, Direct to Fabric and Direct to Paper. To use the Direct to Paper Option, you just have to switch off the Inline Finishing option.

With EFI Soft Signage you can produce exhibition backdrops, light boxes, flags, banners, backlit, building wraps, tear drops, tents, displays, Wall Graphics, Furnishing and other high-end display graphics, including one-offs. When you are thinking of a complete Eco-Friendly Solution for Printing, the EFI Soft Signage Printers are the perfect Solution. This Printer is a Perfect Solution for all your indoor and outdoor events.

Sam Patel, CEO of Arrow Digital India (P) Ltd. said “Soft Signage is the upcoming sustainable trend which differentiates you from others and you can produce premium quality products with high margins. Soft Signage Prints are lightweight, environmentally friendly and saves a lot on logistical cost and are way easy in Installation and moreover are reusable.”

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