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Epson to Invest in U-MAP, a Startup Developer of High Thermal Conductivity Ceramic Materials

09 January 2023: Seiko Epson Corporation and its subsidiary Epson X Investment Corporation through their EP-GB Investment Ltd. Partnership will invest in U-MAP Corporation, a startup company that develops and manufactures high thermal conductivity material Thermalnite® and its applied components.

With the popularization of mobile devices and electric vehicles, U-MAP focuses on solving heat losses caused by increases in the amount of heat generated by electronic devices and their heat generation density. U-MAP has developed the high thermal conductivity ceramic material Thermalnite® that provides device materials with high thermal conductivity and that allows heat to be released efficiently using the characteristics of the device materials themselves. Thermalnite® is an innovative filler material that improves heat conduction and mechanical strength. It is produced by mixing slightly the key material component, ceramics, and an additive known as a filler that is put into the resin material. In addition, Thermalnite® has garnered attention as a light, easy-to-process material that makes smartphones lighter and increases their battery life. It can also be used in harsh environments such as in industrial and aerospace equipment.

Epson is investing in U-MAP not only because of U-MAP’s high thermal conductivity ceramic material, Thermalnite®, but also because of the latter’s strong corporate focus on contributing to the environment by improving efficiency in electronic infrastructure and solving heat issues. In addition, Epson aims to advance the frontiers of industry by developing highly productive and flexible production systems that are kind on the environment.

Going forward, Epson will continue developing synergistic relationships through a variety of partnerships centered around its unique technologies, products, and services in order to contribute to a sustainable society.

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