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Epta Inks launches MNK BIO inks for textile screen printing

30 September 2020: Lalit Narain, Executive Director, shares details about the company’s newly developed eco-friendly and sustainable products.

While we are more aware and eager about the word ‘organic’ when it comes to the food that we consume, why not do the same with the clothes that we wear ?

The world today looks into two aspects for their well being; products bringing in the combination of fascination along with good health. So, the room for both allurement and global sustainability go hand in hand.

Governments are responding to the people’s requirements by setting up stringent rules and regulations that give an impetus to the adoption of hazard free eco-friendly practices. Most importantly, we need to note the hazards that chemical based inks could cause. These would emit harmful volatile organic compounds that in turn lead to the depletion of ozone layer. Although the inks today have eliminated much of the heavy metals present in them, still the traces of the metals can be poisonous and cause damage to the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Thus, we have
a strong need to probe into the necessity of avoiding degradation to the environment.

Present day studies show that the total greenhouse gas emissions from textile production currently stand at 1.2 billion tonnes annually and this is more than those of all international flights and maritime shipping combined, according to the journal ‘Nature Climate Change’. Not only does carbon
emission affect the climate change and cause global warming but the dyeing and printing industries also have significant effects on the plants life. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is supporting the Climate Action Plan and addressing climate change through standards that reduce carbon pollution and support a strong economy.

After examining the current unprecedented situation faced across the globe, we have learnt how hard it is to combat this disastrous COVID-19 pandemic while being unprepared for it. It is certain that the emission of harmful chemical substances can cause even further adverse damage to the environment in the years ahead. Thus, universally we have a great responsibility to take necessary actions for protecting our planet.

It has become vital that we accelerate our efforts to safeguard ourselves from any other upcoming devastating events. The key role now lies in maintaining environmental sustainability in order to prevent the depletion of natural resources, which otherwise would deprive the future generations of their necessities. According to recent information, few of the renowned fashion brands are already coming up with new techniques in their attempt to totally bring the net carbon emissions down to zero in coming years.

Our parent company Epta Nova, Italy has been striving hard for years and finally emerged as the first and foremost brand in bringing about this major change in conserving renewable resources through its textile screen printing inks. Epta Inks is proud to launch MNK BIO inks for the textile screen printing Industry.

The inks are made of bio-based Carbon, which means that the raw materials used are to the maximum extent sourced from plants or animal by-products. The inks are basically a mixture comprising more of natural substances and minimal fossil sources. MNK BIO series raises the bar of sustainability still further. It is completely focused on minimizing the exploitation of the renewable resources of the planet.

The development of the new series took place only at full technical maturity of the new generation of bio polymers and that too after years of study led to the definition of polyurethanes with high renewable content, which, at the same time, guarantee the same performances of fossil-derived material. The packaging of the inks containers are also made out of 100% recycled plastic, which again contributes to the sustainability aspect.

Epta India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Epta Nova, Italy. Our future perspective would be on targeting more on the industrial inks and bio inks. Epta India has been supplying water based, plastisol, silicon, solvent based and other screen printing inks and auxiliaries for the textile industry for more than 2 decades throughout India and also exporting overseas. The branch has been manufacturing waterbased inks for textile applications. It is high time that we take conscious steps towards creating a greener planet. As a team we
join hands in embracing our competence in providing a secure environment. /

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