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Filfull installs Two Brother DTG

20 July 2022: In Conversation with Aadarsh Singhania, CEO – A Tech-Driven on-Demand Printing and Fulfilment Company that has Astutely Invested after Taking the Market Evolution and Transformation into Consideration.
Congrats for installing Brother DTGs recently. The pandemic has witnessed different responses from various companies across the printing industry and it is heartwarming to see Filfull having astutely invested in machines and that too in an informed manner. Looking at the market evolution and transformation that has taken place during the past two years, it is indeed an admirable step.

In the post pandemic scenario, investment is taking place with a caution. Please comment on your new investment strategy … into Brother DTG ?
Pandemic has given a boost to the on-demand printing sector with brands preferring working on the inventory free model and also getting a chance to go from design to product real quick.

Why did you choose Brother DTG ? Some strong reasons and explain various features and how Brother DTG is enabling your business to grow ?
We’re the first ones in India to install the Brother DTG, the output is phenomenal, right from the most complex design to easiest ones we get it all right. The colour vibrancy made us buy Brother machines, couldn’t see a better one yet.

Are you using it for large scale production or for on demand printing or both ?
We’re doing both, ones offs as well as bulk printing on the machines, our order quantity starts at 1 and has no limit. We have executed orders of 3K+ pcs of a single design.

What are advantages of DTG vs. screen printing ? Or do you also have screen printing now, or any plan to invest into textile screen printing also ?
We’re currently doing a combination of both, screen printing and digital printing, I think both has it’s pros and cons, screen turns out to be cheaper in case of single colour designs in bulk quantities where on a DTG you aren’t limited to the colours, whatever you design you can print irrespective of the no of colours in it.
Yeah, 2-3 years down line we plan to get into DTF – Direct to Fabric printing which will allow us to do all over on-demand printing on cotton apparels. It’s a huge investment, but I’m sure the market is waiting for it.

The market is flooded with DTF and many say DTF is better than DTG. What is your take on both the printing technologies.
DTG and DTF both are different technologies, which people are failing to understand. There’s no comparison of both, DTF turns out to be very tacky for large sized prints whereas it’s pretty useful for very small logos. So it could be used along with DTG for a lot of value addition.
What does the name ‘filfull’, your company/brand name ?
Filfull comes from the word Fulfillment, since we do on-demand apparel printing and fulfillment for e-Commerce companies, we hold the premium domain – which allows anyone to start their brand under 5 minutes.

What are your business activities under this brand ?
We do garmenting, DTG, Screen and embroidery,  so a customer get’s most of his requirements cleared under one roof.

When did you set up your business .. filfull ?
We started operations in 2016 and got out company incorporated in 2017, since then we have been growing 200% YoY.

Are you into online only or both offline and online fashion business ?
We cater to both markets, but major revenue coming from the online space. We have to work hard to get retail brands into quality DTG printing since pricing is a big issue for big retail brands.

Your market presence .. (Pan India/global ?)
We serve brands across India at the moment, with plans to go global in 2023, starting with Asia and moving to Europe, Africa and NA.  

Your company’s current infrastructure ..
We work out of two offices, Vasai and Goregaon at the moment. Our Vasai factory is in 3,000 sq. ft. area with multiple DTG printing machines, embroidery machine, screen setup, forced air dryer and multiple heat presses. I personally take care of all the areas of the company, which includes sales, finance, operations, production, etc along with a great team of 17 people who manage the show.

There are too many players in the online fashion business. How do you position your brand to attract and retain customers base ?
We have three in house brands, but Filfull isn’t a D2C brand, our model is B2B and B2B2C, so eliminating major competition. Talking about our inhouse brands we don’t fear competition since we manufacture products from scratch which gives us a better margin compared to brands outsourcing.  

What are your strategies ?
I’m very bullish on the POD market in India, it’s gonna grow significantly in the coming years with people getting to know about it. With our aim to be a manufacturing and printing hub for all needs of a brand, we’re looking to lead this space in the coming 1-2 years.

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