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FitMyFoot uses a Multi-Patented Combination of Biomechanics and 3D Technology

25 October 2021: The magic behind fitmyfoot is in their foot science, including their multi-patented combination of biomechanics and the latest in computer vision and 3D technology, ensuring the perfect fit and support – guaranteed.

Once you submit photos through the award-winning FitMyFoot app, they leverage the latest in computer vision and deep learning technologies to digitally map each of your completely unique feet to over 200 points. Their biomechanic filters identify foot pathologies like flat feet, and automatically enhance your custom arch to offer the support you need.

Elaborating on the concept, on the FitMyFoot blog, Christopher Jolley explains, “As a foot wellness company, we know the importance of a good pair of work shoes — they need to be comfortable, supportive, and suitable for your profession. While you may not have to worry about whether they’re going to absorb impact from walking all day like you would if you were a manual laborer, you still have to make sure your shoes are suitable for your own needs. If you’re an employer in a professional setting, who are you going to hire – the person with smart and suitable dress shoes, or the person with tatty, dirty sneakers? The former is exactly right! Whether you work at a building site or in an office, you need to choose the right footwear.”

Explaining the dangers of wearing the wrong shoes at work, Christopher says, “If you’ve ever ventured out in shoes that don’t fit, you know the feeling. Your feet are hurting with every step you take, but there’s nothing you can do about it. When you get home your feet are swollen, blistered, and achy. Even if you had a great day, your painful feet are all you can think about. If your feet are hurting at work, it may interfere with your ability to do the job properly. So that you can solely focus on the task at hand, it’s vital to wear comfortable shoes. That’s the same for manual labor jobs and office jobs. Comfortable shoes mean you can focus on what matters, and between your working hours, what matters most is work!”

“But it’s not just about your own personal comfort. There are dangers of wearing improper footwear in certain professions. For example, construction workers are on their feet for many hours, working in conditions that can expose them to dangerous situations like moving concrete or laying bricks. If a brick were to fall on your shoes, you need to make sure they are providing adequate protection so as to not injure yourself,” he adds.

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