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Flash Cure Auto Rotation Now With HMI Touchscreen

Bethlehem, PA, USA : Vastex International’s Flash Cure Units equipped with optional Auto-Flash™ automatic head rotation now come standard with an HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) to control dwell time and direction of head rotation, it was announced by Mark Vasilantone, President.

The Auto Flash device rotates the head of any Vastex Flash Cure Unit into place above the pallet, and automatically rotates the head away from the pallet after a user-adjustable dwell time has elapsed allowing operators to print multi-colour designs without burning or under-flashing the printed image.

“The HMI displays a ‘ready’ message for the next cycle, the user-adjusted dwell time and the direction of head rotation, and is more visible from a distance than previous displays,” explains Mr. Vasilantone, adding, “It also improves cycle reaction by responding accurately whether the foot switch is pressed during or following a flash cure cycle.”

The Auto Flash unit features a high-torque DC gear motor and an eccentric arm drive that actuates head rotation progressively for smooth starts and stops, and a foot pedal switch with 2 m cord for operator convenience.

A “Breakaway Detent” feature stops the head from rotating if it encounters an obstacle, maximising operator safety while minimising damage to the flash cure head, the Auto-Flash gearbox and/or the screen printing press.

All heaters of the company’s Flash Cure Units carry an industry-leading 15-year warranty, and feature closely spaced coils that provide high-density, medium-wavelength infrared heat for maximum flash cure rates without cold spots or under-curing associated with conventional units.

The company also manufacture screen printing presses in one to 10 colours and one to 10 stations, infrared conveyor dryers, heat presses, screen exposing units, screen drying cabinets, screen registration systems and complete screen printing shop systems.

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