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Flint Group Launches Sustainable UV LED Dual Cure Ink

06 February 2023: Flint Group’s UV LED Dual Cure ink range builds on the original formula of its EkoCure ANCORA range, specifically designed for food packaging and labelling. Flint Group’s Dual Cure inks and coatings are uniquely designed to cure using a traditional UV lamp or low-energy UV LED.

These products are compatible with any curing system on any narrow or mid-web press, enabling printers still using traditional mercury-based UV lamps to smoothly transition to more sustainable UV curing processes at their own pace.

With optimized curing speed, improved rheology, and lower viscosity, EkoCure ANCORA F2 delivers better press performance for long runs in chambered doctor blade systems. These inks provide enhanced adhesion to a wide range of substrates, such as coated and uncoated papers, PE (Polyethylene), top-coated PE, PP, BOPP and other films. Importantly, EkoCure ANCORA F2 offers reduced energy consumption, reducing the total cost to print. A clear value proposition for narrow web printers and converters.

“EkoCure ANCORA F2 is ideal for food labelling & packaging applications and designed for today’s print and packaging industry. More importantly, it’s the perfect solution to future-proof our customers’ presses,” said Niklas Olsson, Global Director Product & Commercial Excellence, Narrow Web at Flint Group.

“EkoCure ANCORA F2 is a product that helps printers who have not yet switched to LED curing to prepare for the future,” Olsson continued. “UV LED technology uses far less power than traditional mercury lamps and has a longer lifespan. Many customers are switching to LED for precisely these reasons. We’re delighted with the strong response from customers using UV LED lamps and that customers using mercury lamps can print using the same high-performance solution.”

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