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FM Future announces Ricoh Europe’s Industrial Print Business as first major Strategic Client

Graham Kennedy, Head of Industrial Print at Ricoh Europe, explains, “We are confident that FM Future is the best possible partner to help us raise our profile and build our brand with their proven track record in the industrial print technology sector. With FM Future’s help, we look forward to new customers discovering that Ricoh is the go-to company for OEM manufacturers who need to integrate Inkjet into production lines from inkjet head, module, engine, software, ink and machine through to integration. With Ricoh’s scale, innovative technology, and our experience and commitment, we are confident that the market will recognise that Ricoh is leading the future of Inkjet.”

As continual developments in industrial Inkjet increase potential for a strategic role in new production sectors, the challenge is to connect with leaders in traditional analogue sectors who want to develop digital Inkjet printing solutions and are looking for partners such as Ricoh go help them develop and integrate. Their strong and stable track record in developing success in digital printing technology allied to the fact they can provide all the elements of the equation with regards to industrial Inkjet development and integration is a key theme that will be communicated as part of Ricoh’s thought leadership campaign from September 2019 up to Drupa 2020. This is where FM Future’s experience of brand and community building, storytelling, thought leadership and marketing in the print tech sector comes into play.

Marcus Timson continues, “Working with the Ricoh Industrial Print team, we will leverage the experience and expertise of the Ricoh Industrial Print Brand and bring their compelling story to life. We are excited to be working with such a strong partner and one with such a dynamic array of projects underlined with an ambition to lead the future of Inkjet. In Telford, UK, Ricoh has one of the largest development centres anywhere in the world and their commercial and technical competence is world-class – we look forward to developing and sharing some quality insight from their Inkjet campus as part of a comprehensive thought leadership campaign.”

FM Future has gained a client that has a considerable scale, experience and ambition for the development of industrial Inkjet technology. This provides FM Future with a tremendous opportunity to help one of the major technology leaders in this field develop their business by growing their profile by sharing insight, growing awareness and connecting new markets.

Frazer Chesterman concludes: “We are now at a key moment for industrial inkjet. Many would say that we stand poised at the edge of the chasm. All of our recent research points to the fact that the biggest barrier to success is the conservative nature of traditional industries. Working with Ricoh is an exciting prospect for us as they have the technical capability, the know-how, and the breadth of experience that is second to none in the market. This work will also help inkjet create new opportunities and we think that FM Future is perfectly positioned to make a significant difference to their business.”

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