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For Sustainability: Patagonia Stops the Production of Clothing With Company Logos

16 May 2021: Patagonia of USA (the Leading Apparels Brand) has announced that in the future they will no longer put additional logos on their clothing. A change that will bring financial losses with it but at the same time relieves the environment and should encourage consumers to rethink. Patagonia ceases production of apparel with additional company logos. The clothing brand’s blog clearly communicates that sustainability plays a big role at Patagonia. “Every day at Patagonia, we look for ways to use our business to save our home planet.”

The longer clothing is worn, the smaller the environmental footprint. It’s clear that nothing lasts forever, but “We build our clothes so they can be used for decades.” For example, if a shirt is worn for two years, the ecological footprint is already reduced by about 80%.

Patagonia bases their decision on the experience that adding extra logos significantly reduces the lifespan of garments. There are several reasons for this.

One of them is that clothing in good condition with an additional logo is less likely to be passed on to other people. Also, many customers find it uncomfortable to continue wearing the shirt with the company logo after changing jobs. Another reason why well-preserved clothing languishes in closets or even ends up in the trash is that shirts and co with an additional logo often do not like to be worn in their free time.

With this change, Patagonia will undoubtedly make financial losses for the time being. The clothing brand is aware of this and at the same time appeals to its followers and partners to see the change as a wake-up call. Wearing clothes with a longer life cycle is meant to make a statement about sustainability awareness.


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