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Fujifilm Sericol India’s Head – PR and Marcom Addresses PVG Students on “The Future of Communication”

02 December 2022: An Orientation session was organised for the first-year and direct Second Year students of Pune Vidyarthi Griha’s College of Engineering & Technology and G.K. Pate (Wani) Institute of Management. The session was held in the last week of November 2022 for students who recently joined Courses of AY 2022-2023. The Institute had invited Aditya Mishra, Head – Public Relations and Marcom, FUJIFILM Sericoal India (P) Ltd. to address the students on the ‘future of communication.”

After the welcome address by Prof. Madhura Mahajan, HOD, Printing Engineering, Aditya Mishra commenced his session on “The Future of Communication,” highlighting that ‘Communication’ makes the world go around. “It is what drives life. And if we have learned nothing else in the challenging time we have missed the great opportunity to transform ourselves.” He emphasized on always being appreciative towards ourselves. “The day we believe in this mantra, we are going to fire. Making mistakes is where the most of learning takes place and it’s the best opportunity to improve ourselves,” said Mishra.

He mentioned that until and unless “we do not interact with people with different mindsets, we cannot understand how other people think. And moreover, if we don’t express, there are many more waiting in queue to replace us. Effective communication is crucial in today’s world and one must master it.”

Mishra also added that creativity means exploring thoughts or ideas that are new or different in some ways from previous thoughts or ideas. “Exploring thoughts and ideas can be expressed through drawing, writing, singing, or even following your unique hobby. Creativity is a different thing to everyone but everyone has their own ways to express. Sometimes, in order to be creative you need to think out of the box.”

He also discussed about today’s expectations of the industry and how students can take advantage of college activities to satisfy industry expectations. He encouraged students to be motivated every single day. He emphasized the ways how not to get depressed by the little negative things in life and have a clear focus on their career. The session was also focused on how the student’s participation in college activities is important.

At the end of the session, Prof. Madhura Mahajan, tendered a vote of thanks to the speaker and the participants. The session was facilitated by SE Class Teacher Prof. Shrikala Kanade. This report is compiled by Prasad Borse. SE Printing and Prof. Shrikala Kanade.

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