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Grunig, Switzerland presents G-PROOF 390

17 June 2021: The growing requirements related to the QS and ISO processes demand increased professionalism down to the last step of the screen making procedure, including handling and dispatch of the perfect printing screen. The latter must be checked and measured in many different ways, and all the measured values need to be logged in order to be available in digitized form at any time. Careful packaging is the last activity at the end of the process; it not only ensures efficient protection against external effects during transportation but in addition represents the business card of the screen printing service provider.

With G-PROOF 390, Grunig of Switzerland now offers a product which facilitates this last step of the process. One single person is in a position to check the finished screens in sizes between 800 x 800 mm and 1600 x 2700 mm and to prepare and pack them for dispatch. Integrated screen height measurement allows an automatic positioning of the screen gripper. This device makes sure that the screen is safely maintained in its position, even in the event of a momentary failure of the compressed air supply. The automatic high-precision lifting and turning of the printing screens is programmed on the computer screen, as well as the optimal working height for every application. The G-PROOF 390 can be equipped with a luminous LED wall for visual checking.

The quality of screen printing depends to a high degree on an optimal and controlled mesh tension. Thanks to the checking device (Tensocheck 100 or any other type), the 1-point or 5-point measurement can be easily recorded and automatically memorized.

The mesh and coating thickness (EOM) is checked by means of a layer thickness measuring device which supplies the results in micrometers. These values can also be recorded and memorized, along with the measurement of the screen surface’s roughness (Rz values). This Rz value stands for a high printing screen quality. Sharp-edged, saw tooth-free and clear-cut print results can only be achieved with a smooth screen surface.

Regardless if you are using a manual magnifying glass process or an electronic version for screen measuring, or even a process with a luminous background LED wall, checking the details on the screen, the edge sharpness, etc., is always carried out from an ideal work height. The pictures / photos can also be easily and automatically recorded and stored.

While the screens are rotated around their longitudinal axis, they can be easily wrapped in plastic foil. The foil dispenser is equipped with an operating lever which initiates the rotating motion when it is pressed and immediately stops it as soon as it is released. This means that one single person is in a position to wrap even large-size screens without problems, rapidly and at maximum safety. Thanks to this professional packing, the printing screens are efficiently protected against pollution and thus ready for dispatch or storage.

All the measured data are automatically imported into the measurement log – cabled or Bluetooth-compatible measuring devices are supported by the system. It also provides interfaces for data import and export. Label and document printers can be connected and individualized via Cristal Report, for printing out the measurement logs, checking documents and labeling the completed screen.

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