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HP Indigo Accelerates Industry 4.0 Solutions Across Industry Segments and Digital Product Portfolio

05 January 2022: HP Inc. has unveiled new ways for print service providers to grow their digital-based business and put Industry 4.0 into practice by enabling better automated tools to enhance connectivity, productivity, and support customer growth as print service providers move to capture online business.

“We are seeing strong customer momentum in the past year alongside industry challenges created by the pandemic, with Industry 4.0 being a driving force of growth for Indigo customers who have embraced high-automation practices and adopt ecommerce driven web-to-print business practices,” said Haim Levit, HP Indigo Vice President and General Manager. HP attributes part of this momentum in particular, from continued strong growth in Labels and Packaging direct print volume growing 36% over 2019 levels and the commercial sector’s continued recovery from pandemic headwinds.

PrintOS Site Flow, an end-to-end production management solution for achieving zero-touch automation has fueled an explosive growth in customer order traffic through 2021. Connecting to over 600 brands globally, HP customers tapped into myriad of online order systems and ecommerce platforms. With Site Flow each PSP automatically receives, produces and ships an unlimited number of jobs per day. Site Flow reduces bottlenecks, touchpoints and labor-dollars, while being device and product independent; many of the core principles on which Industry 4.0 was built on.

Hundreds of PSPs are operating Site Flow daily, which saw a 65% increase in job traffic in 2021. More than 460 million items were processed through the secure online platform, operating in 45 countries to deliver print products such as photo books, calendars, invitations and greeting cards.

“COVID put a lot of power into the consumers’ hand, and our goal was to be the premier B2C print fulfilment supplier in Canada. An integral part of this is our ability to integrate our internal systems with our B2C partners as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Todd Cober, President of Cober Solutions. “Using Site Flow helps to reduce the roadblocks altogether and enabled us to easily onboard new brands and grow our business.”

“We use Site Flow to produce work for brands that generate 2,000-3,000 unique orders per day during peak season” said Bill Duerr, President of Hatteras. “There is a great team at Hatteras, but labor shortages are real today. With Site Flow, I can give my press room manager the tools he needs to maximize the productivity of the good people we have.”

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