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HP’ New Molded Fiber Packaging Solutions

17 April 2021: HP showcased its entirely new packaging designs and significant technology advancements at IMFA Annual Conference. HP Molded Fiber Advanced Tooling Solution is an innovative and environmentally-friendly solution for molded fiber manufacturers.

“Based on our testing, HP’s Molded Fiber Advanced Tooling Solution can offer greater precision, along with faster forming and drainage times,” said Tarik Jabrane, NSERC Industrial Research Chair, Innofibre. “Compared to traditional molded fiber tooling, HP’s tools can be changed quickly and easily, with fewer stops in the workflow. The speed of iteration and ability to change tools enables more prototyping and ultimately provides a more cost effective option for the industry.”

“We are proud our efforts to introduce a truly disruptive solution for the packaging industry have been validated by Innofibre’s research,” said Mariona Company, Global Head of Molded Fiber Solutions, HP Inc. “Based on the data released by Innofibre, it is no surprise we are gaining traction with molded fiber manufacturers in Europe, the US and Canada as they look for innovative new tooling options to meet customer demand.”

Molded fiber, also known as molded pulp, is currently used in handling and packaging thousands of renewable products from food containers to packaging of household items and electronics to single-use medical service items.

Unveiled in September 2020, HP’s Molded Fiber Advanced Tooling technology enables fast and enhanced design and fabrication of high-performance molded fiber tooling in as quickly as two weeks compared to four to six weeks experienced by customers using traditional methods. Combined with HP’s new tooling production service, the end-to-end solution yields increased production up time, reduced maintenance, and mass customization capabilities.

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