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Idealliance Introduces GAMUT: Printing & Packaging Podcast

07 March 2019, Alexandria, VA, USA : Idealliance is proud to introduce GAMUT, a weekly global podcast featuring guests from around the world focused on bringing the industry highly informative, technical leading practices and initiatives on:

# Brand management
# Measurable supply chain management programs
# Global print standards implementation
# Design intent
# Measurement and evaluation
# Communicating across a global supply chain
# Proof-to-print alignment
# Workflow and process control standardization
# Color management and control
# Design thinking
# Hardware, instruments, tools and software advancing the industry
# Leading industry technical initiatives
# And stories of transformation from extraordinary minds within the print and packaging supply chain.

Idealliance is a global non-profit think tank with 12 strategically located offices around the world, the largest certifying body in the world for industry competencies, systems, materials, and facilities and one of the world’s leading contributor to ISO standards, as a Liaison “A” to the International Organization for Standardization.

GAMUT is launching with three episodes followed by weekly new releases:

1: Managing Brand Color in a Global Supply Chain: Lindt & Sprüngli
From Lindt & Sprüngli, the fine confectionary of Lindt Chocolates, Sonja Dearden talks about managing, maintaining, and auditing brand color consistency with multiple suppliers and print service providers globally in the consumer packaging goods supply chain.
2: 200-Year-Old Press OEM & Their Adoption of G7: Koenig & Bauer
Founded in 1817, Michal Eichler of Koenig & Bauer talks about the beginnings of the print industry in the former East Germany to opening the U.S market, launching the North America Demonstration Center, and early adoption of Idealliance G7® and the importance it plays in the global packaging supply chain.
3. What Stands In The Way Becomes The Way
Idealliance, a global think tank, with a foundation dating back to 1896, is focused on service, change, and transformation. The greatest barriers in life that hold us back begin with “self”. Join Idealliance CEO Tim Baechle in a discussion on the significance of listening with intent, being intentional, constant learning, authenticity, owning our shortcomings, leading to change, and the deep importance of sitting in the back of a room.

The GAMUT: Idealliance Printing & Packaging podcast is also available on all the major podcast sources and we encourage anyone in the print & packaging industry to subscribe through their preferred source:

– Apple Podcasts
– Google Podcasts
– Google Play
– iTunes
– Spotify
– Stitcher
– Amazon Alexa (via the AnyPod skill)
– TuneIn
– Acast
– Blubrry
– And Anywhere You Find Your Podcasts

GAMUT is hosted by Jeff Collins, Idealliance Director of Print Technologies, who interviews global industry experts, industry change-makers and creative rainmakers bringing a much needed informative, technically sound actionable information to the print and packaging market.

The purpose of the podcasts is the mission of Idealliance, which is to serve the world with actionable and informative information. Bringing information to the mass market that can educate listeners, stimulate markets and businesses, as well as lend critically important information that can be implemented immediately whilst raising the performance of individuals, a company, a brand, a designer, and all those involved in the printing and packaging supply chain is one of the foundations of Idealliance. Creating extraordinary operational efficiencies, increasing margins, and reducing waste is the core reason Idealliance exists. Jeff Collins is a globally recognized technical expert in hardware, software (workflows), color management, process control and standardization. He is an Idealliance G7® Expert, G7 Process Control Expert, and has held considerable positions with some of the largest OEMs in the world as a global implementation director and R&D. His technical expertise in the areas of printing and packaging make for deeply compelling podcasts and get the most of out of each guest, allowing them to share their stories all for the purpose of furthering the industry.

“As the industry leader in end-to-end comprehensive certification training both in-person with and online we felt there was an additional significant need for a podcast that we could share extensive technical knowledge from all over the world. There is no podcast specific to the print & packaging industry that could provide the quality and technical expertise that Idealliance can because of our global footprint, work we do and especially the depth of those we serve globally”, explains Steve Ballinger, Idealliance Vice President of Strategy and Engagement.

“Our purpose is to always be building the future of the industry, reaching out to the corners of the world with an arms wide open approach. Our legacy is and will continue to be transforming the industry as the intersection of innovation and education, such as the work we have done with our specifications, ISO standards, all the which has led to Idealliance becoming the largest certifying body in the world. Looking at the world upside down provides an entirely different perspective. GAMUT was created because information and education provides growth and fulfillment and they are paramount to stimulating our own lives and our businesses. GAMUT is also a podcast that provides the industry deeply informative, actionable content rather than conjecture, in order to be a resource, rather than ‘soapbox’”, notes Tim Baechle, Idealliance CEO.

Idealliance would like to thank Konica Minolta for their generous sponsorship of the GAMUT podcast and Idealliance members whose contributions help support content, scholarships, and all the work we do around the world serving our great industry.

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