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Inbase comes up with first of its kind ‘Screen Protector Cutting Machine’

03 July 2021: Inbase, a leading technology brand known for its remarkable advancement with innovative digital products has launched the first of its kind- A screen protector cutting machine along with Premium quality protective films – Ultimate Guard, for all kind of mobile phones, laptop, tablet, smartwatch, Airpods and many other devices. The Finest Quality Screen Protector cutting machines are the most advanced of its kind in the Indian market. It is easy to use the machine and application of the Ultimate Guard films is much easier too.

Ultimate Guard is one solution to all the troubles of retailers who used to face a tremendous challenge to keep the inventory of temper glasses in their stores which not only take a lot of space, block investments and use to pile up the stock with every launch of new device in the market. But with the launch of the Inbase Ultimate Guard protector cutting machine, it offers a clutter free experience for the retailers by instantly cutting and developing the screen protectors for more than 12,000 models of gadgets, including Smart watches, Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Lifestyle products and many other products. The machine occupies less space, is very cost effective, easy to install and helps Smartphone retailers, Shops in malls, Gifting Stores, Wholesale to have a clutter-free experience without piling up of inventory.

The Ultimate Guard is also a good fit for commercial usage as well, as it can help to guard not only your mobile phones and tables, but could be used as a protector for car mirrors, DSLR Cameras, Credit cards and much more. Indeed the machine is a one-solution-to-all-the-problem and is capable of instantly cutting the Protective Film for any selected model to make a perfect protector for any of the existing gadgets. Also, Inbase provides a variety of functional films at affordable cost which are highly durable, Shatter proof, impact resistant and with auto heal function also. The protectors are thin and smooth with just 0.2mm thickness.

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