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IndianOil Launches Eco-Friendly Uniform, Made From Discarded PET Bottles

23 December 2022: In a grand ceremony titled “Unbottled – Towards a Greener Future”, S. M. Vaidya, Chairman, IndianOil, launched a special “Sustainable & Green” uniform exclusively designed for nearly 3 lakh IndianOil Fuel Station Attendants and Indane LPG Gas delivery personnel. The dress materials for these uniforms have been extracted from recycled polyester derived from the processing of used & discarded PET bottles. This initiative would support recycling about 405 tonnes of PET bottles, equivalent to offsetting over 20 million bottles yearly.

Speaking on the occasion, S. M. Vaidya said, “These eco-friendly uniforms will shine as our green commitment, and I am delighted that our frontline energy soldiers will don them. About 8 million metric tonnes of plastic enter the ocean annually, and about 150 million metric tonnes circulate in our marine ecosystems. At this pace, by 2050, there will be more plastics in the sea than fish. The conversion of plastic bottles into fabric is a beautiful example of how diligent handling of problems opens doors to new opportunities.”

Under this green initiative of IndianOil, used plastic bottles are shredded into flakes and then melted into micro-pellets. These micro-pellets are converted into yarns for weaving these green clothing. The green impact of this fabric goes even beyond the recycling benefits. The clothes match virgin polyester in quality, but its manufacture takes significantly fewer resources. Its production requires almost 60 per cent less energy, and CO2 emissions are reduced by nearly one-third compared to virgin polyester. Even when these clothes wear out, the used Polycotton uniforms can be mechanically recycled and converted into low-end quilts, blankets or even high-end denim fabric. The fabric conforms to Global Recycling Standard Certification.

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