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Inèdit Software launches neoStampa Delta with a DTG mode and a new PDF print engine

01 December 2020: Inèdit Software presented the new version of neoStampa Delta, which aims to bring a revolution in the digital printing sector. The software was launched through a virtual event where its creators and collaborators were present.

One of the main new features of neoStampa is the incorporation of a new PDF engine, the Mako system from Global Graphics, which enables any PDF/X standard file to be replicated, guaranteeing consistent results with an improvement in performance, printing up to 5 times faster.

NeoStampa has been the reference Rip Software in digital textile printing, especially for the most demanding ones with color reproduction, achieving the maximum potential of their printers. Inèdit Software has not yet revealed the release date of neoStampa Delta.

With the Delta version, the company intends to go one step further and extend the scope of neoStampa to other sectors. The incorporation of an improved PDF engine will allow Rip Software to be for the first time a perfect option for sectors such as sports design printing, advertising graphics printing, ceramics, film, among many others.

On the other hand, neoStampa Delta also includes the new DTG printing mode with which it will not only be possible to print directly to garment with better color results, but also to save up to 50% of white ink. neoStampa Delta includes a calibration wizard in just two steps and also a new white base adjustment under semi-transparent areas, which will allow the savings mentioned above.

Finally, neoStampa Delta has a new cost control system with which it will be possible to track jobs in real-time, knowing the meters printed, the speed, and the ink consumption, of all printers. neoStampa is compatible with more than 700 digital printers and every month they are offering new compatibilities to the market.

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