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Karur based Shree Renga Polymers makes ‘Ecoline’ T-Shirts from PET Bottles

07 July 2021: K. Sankar, Founder, Shree Renga Polymers, elaborates on their various environment-friendly endeavours that promote sustainability initiatives at multiple stages

Shree Renga Polymers is a manufacturer of recycled polyester fibre from PET bottle flakes. Our PSF is used in open end and ring spinning applications, automotive and industrial applications. The company is located in Karur, a place central to Tamil Nadu, catering to spinning mills, automotive companies and other industries.

It manufactures solid fibre ranging from finer count of 1.2 denier to coarser counts of 3,6,10 denier for textile spinning and automotive applications. These products will be available in a cut length of 32, 38, 44, 51 and 64mm. The company also manufactures hollow siliconised fibre ranging from 6 to 15 denier for non-woven applications. It can offer tri-lobal and ellipsoidal profile fibre, for specialty applications.

Shree Renga Polymers can supply in different colours starting from semi dull, black to many doped dyed fibres depending on the customer’s requirement. Fibres in the following major colours are always available: chilly red, maroon, rose, magenta, turquoise blue, ink blue, royal blue, cyan blue, navy blue, bottle green, leaf green, ramar green, fanta orange, golden yellow, lemon yellow, chandan, coffee brown, ferrous brown, steel grey. For automotive applications we develop mixed colours specified by the companies, depending on the colour of the vehicles. Any new colour can be developed using our own in-house colour expertise.

The company constantly does research for new products with R&D facilities, having excellent infrastructure, European technology based machines and laboratories. We are ISO Certified and GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certified and follow all safety norms and ensure our workforce is happy and safe.

We are changing this! We create a hybrid fabric material by blending organic cotton with fibres made from recycled PET bottles. As a result, 90% of our products cost less than $10. It only takes 6 bottles for us to create an absolutely stunning t-shirt.

So it’s now time to say goodbye to plastic waste. According to Forbes, people use about a million PET bottles per minute and the wastes end up in landfills and oceans. PET waste takes a whopping 400 years to decompose and by that time they would have already wiped out entire marine species. Ecoline Clothing is an eco-warrior that prevents this from happening. We are situated at the heart of Tamil Nadu and we recycle every PET waste discarded within a 300 km radius. We plan to become a global brand that would completely eliminate the inappropriate disposal of PET waste across the world.

Producing 1kg of cotton consumes 20,000 litres of water and producing one t-shirt requires about 2500 litres of harmful chemicals. That’s why we replace cotton with organic cotton. Organic cotton uses only 10% of the water when compared to the conventionally grown cotton. No synthetic chemicals are used in the production. Instead, we use organic manure.

We have a ‘zero-waste’ philosophy whereby we not only procure our raw material from waste, but convert our wastes into raw material too. The sludge produced while cleaning the PET bottles is converted into bricks. We convert food waste into organic fertilizers to cultivate the cotton that we use for the hybrid fabrics.

In general, textile dyeing requires 2.4 trillion gallons of water every year. Our dope dye technology doesn’t require a single drop of water. Besides, the water used for cleansing the PET bottles is treated and reused.

Despite being crafted by world-class designers, 90% of our products cost less than $10. Each piece of apparel comes with a potent antimicrobial coating that protects you during the pandemic. Our softhansing techniques give your skin a soothing feel. By providing an unmatched breadth of comfort, we prove to the world that sustainable fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive. Overall, Ecoline apparels are sustainable, pocket-friendly, anti-microbial and fashionably stunning.  /

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