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KTK Portugal is on expansion mode due to growing market presence globally

26 November 2020: Earlier in June 2020, amid COVID-19 pandemic, KTK unveiled its Fusion Max – to take hybrid digital printing one step further. It had launched its KTK Fusion Plus which combined great screen-printing results with the marvellous colours achieved by the best of digital printing.

The KTK Fusion Max makes the combination of digital printing with screen-printing a more profitable one. As it is equipped with 24 printing heads, and 6 colours, therefore covering more printing area for each passage of the digital printing heads, this independent digital printing module offers an output rate fairly higher than the KTK Fusion Plus. It keeps matching the expectations already risen by the KTK Fusion Plus, regarding printing on any kind of textile fabric, may it be lighter or darker coloured fabric.

Located in the south of Europe, more precisely in the heart of the “Minho” region in Barcelos, Portugal, KTK – Industrial Machinery and Equipment was founded in May 2014. With more than 30 years of experience in screen-printing, and in solving problems related to this specific kind of equipment and machinery, both KTK owners’ idea, was to bring to the market what for them was the best, easiest and safest work tool for the day-to-day of the modern screen-printing technician. To achieve this goal, KTK sees every day on its premises over 70 experienced workers, spread through several specialized departments, working with the most advanced tools and cutting-edge technologies in the engineering, design and product development areas.

“The design of our machines and equipment is developed by a highly qualified technical department to match any project specifications and always aiming to meet the demands and needs of any of our partners,” says Rafael De Matos, Sales Manager (India), KTK, adding, “KTK is proud to have 100% control of every step of the machines’ construction, as all the different parts are inspected internally and assembled in-House.”

According to him, this same team is responsible for creating various innovative and revolutionary solutions, which 3 of them are patented and can only be applied to the screen-printing industry, on KTK machines. These 3 patients, were aimed at enhancing the durability and performance of the KTK machines to a point that automatically puts them at the top of choices of any modern-day screen-printing company owner. KTK machines are working all over the world, at the facilities of its partners/customers. Some of the countries we are present are: Portugal, Brazil, Turkey, Lithuania, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Vietnam, Argentina, Tunisia, Peru, Uganda, etc.

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