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LG Innotek unlocks a Digital Car Key Module

28 January 2021: Car owners don’t need to carry a physical key anymore to reduce the risk of losing the key. So, LG Innotek has succeeded in developing a Digital Car Key Module with improved location detection precision and security. The Digital Car Key Module can detect the smartphone location 5 times more precisely than the existing modules and provides enhanced security.

Digital Car Key is a communication component that is installed in a car and allows wireless data transmission between a car and a smartphone. A digital key is a next-generation car key that allows users to open or lock the car door or start the engine using a smartphone. A driver can use his/her smartphone to oversee the vehicle conditions, including driving distance, fuel efficiency, tire pressure, etc., at a glance as well as control the vehicle.

The digital car key module that LG Innotek developed uses the ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which is a wireless LAN communication technology, and a proprietary algorithm, improving the location detection precision. In addition, the module has increased the security by applying a proprietary hacking prevention technology.

LG Innotek plans to actively make inroads into the market for next-generation communication components. The company is actively running promotions targeting global manufacturers of vehicles and vehicle components in the US, Japan, and Europe as well as in Korea with the aim of mass-producing the product by 2020.

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