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LOPEC 2022: World’s Leading Expo for Printed Electronics to be on 23-24 March 2022 at Munich

24 January 2022: LOPEC (Large-area, Organic and Printed Electronics Convention) is the leading international platform in the field of printed electronics. The mixture of trade fair and conference makes it possible to experience LOPEC in many different ways. With its special combination of the world’s leading trade fair, an internationally important conference and a sophisticated supporting programme, LOPEC will once again bring together all the key players from this sector under one roof at LOPEC 2022 Expo which will be held from 23-24 March 2022 at International Congress Centre, Munich, Germany.

The focus topic Smart Living shows how printed electronics enrich our everyday lives in many ways. The spectrum ranges from medicine and health to fitness, home comfort and energy generation.

In the mobility sector, the automobile is currently the main driver. LOPEC 2022 shows that in the near future vehicles will have more electronics on board than ever before, from touch panels and screens to sensors – which for reasons of space alone can only be realised in the form of printed electronics.

As a trade fair that covers a cross-section of the industry, LOPEC showcases current trends, presents innovative products, highlights new market opportunities for the industry and helps foster the development of new materials, manufacturing technologies and applications. This exclusive business platform is geared towards all areas of the industry including all manufacturers or end-users of this cutting-edge technology.

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