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Lüscher Presents Ultra-compact CtS System with UV Laser diodes for high-end screen production

13 September 2022: Lüscher is launching the wolrd‘s first ultra-compact computer-to-screen system JetScreen! CS for the high-end production of screen printing stencils combined with the in-house X!Tend software for optimal results.

With this worldwide unique system for the high-end production of screen printing stencils, Lüscher once again presents a completely new generation of CtS systems: Swiss precision engineering and state-of-the-art laser technology compactly combined for the high-precision digital imaging of screen printing stencils with a format of up to 1,300 x 1,450 mm.

The stencils can be inserted from the front or the side. Optionally, the JetScreen! CS can be equipped with an automatic stencil feeding system to be integrated into an inline system.

The features include: Lüscher optic system with resolution of 635 / 1,270 / 2,540 / 5,080 dpi, maintenance-free fibre coupled UV laser diode technology, fully automatic calibration of laser diodes prior every exposure, ultra-long service life of laser diode with more than 20‘000 exposing hours, dynamic autofocus, output performance up tp 35 m2/h (depending on amount of laser diodes and resolution), highest energy output on screen, standard emulsions (dual-cure), thick layers and capillary films can easily be fully cured, no consumables, lowest maintenance and energy costs, lowest cost of ownership and automatic screen feed (optional).

The JetScreen! CS system is transported and installed as a compact, ready-to-use unit. This way, the installation time can be shortened considerably and the costs incurred for the installation are significantly lower. Depending on the quality required, the desired resolution can be freely selected at the touch of a button.

Whether 635, 1270 or 2540 dpi – the resolution is in direct proportion to the output performance. This means that the JetScreen! CS always operates in the optimum quality and speed range. For more demanding applications, such as membrane keyboards or printed electronics, the 5080 dpi resolution is used. It allows the flawless reproduction of the finest details such as lines up to a thickness of 30 microns.

The laser diodes have high power reserves and the energy can be adapted to the requirements of the emulsion. No special high-speed layers are required, because all conventional types of emulsions and thick layers can be exposed and through-cured on the JetScreen! CS. Consumables such as metal halide lamps, LEDs or DMD chips are thus no longer required. The 2 kW power consumption of the JetScreen! CS is considerably low and also guarantees the lowest operationg costs.

X!Tend can be used to significantly improve the image results of screen emulsions, capillary films and photoresists (positive or negative). The software adjusts the size of all graphic elements to compensate for light diffusion, diffraction and other physical phenomena and brings them into line with the TIFF input.

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