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MagnaColours introduces 22 new product lines

24 September 2020: UK based MagnaColours, a leading manufacturer of water-based textile screen-printing inks, having presence all over the world including India, has developed as many as many as 22 new range of products for textile printing, including the MagnaPrint Hybrid Fusion Discharge Digital White and MagnaPrint Hybrid Fusion Range.

MagnaPrint Discharge Digital White is an under-base. It is a conventional ZFS based discharge system for use with the latest hybrid digital systems. Together with Activator AB, the system which gives excellent results, brilliant colour development and very soft handle on dischargeable fabrics.

Similarly, MagnaPrint Hybrid Fusion Range is Soft, flexible opaque, water-based range for use with hybrid digital printing systems. The product has been designed to offer customers a non-glossy, high solids underbase and topcoat for use with the latest digital hybrid systems. The MagnaPrint Hybrid Fusion Range is said to have excellent elasticity, softness, print performance and open time on high mesh screens.

Another interesting product within the basket of 22 new products range is the MagnaTrans UV Blue, a UV reactive Ink. It is a light sensitive coloured ready to use ink for water-based transfer printing, giving a reversible colour change effect when exposed to UV or sunlight. When the ink is exposed to sunlight, the molecular structure of the colorant changes and becomes blue, which when the light source is removed reverses back to its original state.

Coming next is MagnaPrint Emboss Ink, a ready to use printing paste for stunning embossed effects on polyester fabrics. It a water-based print paste for achieving an embossed surface to polyester fabrics. The ink is designed to be washed off following use, leaving a raised effect to desired areas of the fabric.

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