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MagnaColours unveils Technical Hub 

16 February 2021: UK based, MagnaColours has launched their Technical Hub. The hub also includes a searchable online Knowledge Base of water-based printing tips and techniques, and bookable 1-to-1 video support with their expert technicians. Video support can give the capability to visualise and troubleshoot any print or production issues in real-time, helping to improve print quality, reduce downtime and enhance productivity.

The company has been helping printers to streamline their production lines, or developing new products with leading brands. So, keeping this in mind, they have developed the Technical Hub, a platform to support their customers with technical guidance on a day-to-day basis.

Earlier, MagnaColours had launched their own education programme, MagnaAcademy, as part of their commitment to support and train screen-printers in working with water-based inks. By demonstrating the ease and quality of printing with their inks, Magna are challenging misconceptions which have been a barrier to printers adopting the use of water-based inks over harmful alternatives.

Meanwhile, MagnaColours has been certified to ZDHC Confidence Level 3 (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) – the highest ZDHC certification level currently available. It means that over 55 MagnaPrint and MagnaTrans Oeko-Tex Eco-Passport certified inks and additives also meet ZDHC’s MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List), and are verified as being responsibly manufactured.““MagnaColours has also been working to expand the range of inks and additives now certified as Oeko-Tex Eco-Passport and as GOTS Approved Inputs (Global Organic Textile Standard), so they can be used in the production of GOTS certified garments.

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